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I'm the IDPA newbie Suma mentioned...

This was my first-ever pistol match, and the safety officers and others took care that I understood the instructions, didn't hurry me.

I had a great time a N. Wilkes and will be back, pending $$ and time... it was 130 miles each way, so not a quick jaunt. I was dog tired by the time I got home... lots of sun, wind, and driving wore me out.

The range where I shoot in Stanly county NC is installing a "pistol pit," and I"m hoping we can do some scenario-type shooting there.

I also shot in the shotgun side match, which was a lot of fun. I didn't miss any of the shotgun targets, but I've no idea how fast I was moving. Wasn't trying particularly to race, more to see how smoothly I could do things like reload on the move. I think I was the only person there with a non-black-plastic shotgun... my wife saw a Winchester 1300 Defender and got gun lust instantly. (sigh) I guess I'll just have to start saving up for one. What a shame.

Sumabich, thanks for getting me started!


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