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"Better" guns to shoot IDPA with??

While there are limited numbers of HK pistols being used in IDPA, I doubt the three guys who shoot for HK think their pistols are inferior. IIRC, at the 2001 Badlands Regional Shootout in Tulsa, those three guys all placed in the top 5 out of approximately 100 shooters. And they led by a significant margin. Seriously, these guys were smokin'. They were not necessarily on the immortal level of Leatham, Sevigny, or Jarrett, but they were very, very close.

Coop57, if you are considering using an HK or buying one for IDPA or IPSC, I would encourage you to consider all your options and if the HK suits your needs, shoot whatever game you want with it. Consider cobraman's point that mags are expensive and gunsmithing is unlikely with the HK.

Now, I will agree that the guns are expensive and the trigger on the USP 45 I once shot was terrible. :barf: However, if you practice enough with a particular weapon, it is possible to become extremely proficient/competitive with that firearm, regardless of the manufacturer or model.


"The guy who shoots in the 80-90th percentile at the major IDPA matches he attends -- with a RUGER"
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