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I've found it and it's all in my mind...

I use to "compete" seriously. Had gear for each game including different loads for various pistols (steel, biachi, major,...), separate range bags and holsters. Several matches and a couple hundred miles of travel a month. Then time and money was need for other endeavours. I got bummed that my "master" card would probably never showup. Ended up taking a few years off.

I'm back. Now, I appreciate a beautiful morning on the line with some of the finest people you could hope to know, doing something that I emmensely enjoy. Sometimes I get the bragging rights for the day, usually not.

As for the grassroots competition, it's in my mind and goes something like this. Don't break the "180", targets are targets, shoot them fast and accurate. The rest is detail. Regardless of the game of the day: grab the Glock, the "carry" holster, ammo...and head for the range. Then I check to see if the game will involve me hanging in a parachute harness while firing 48 round stages or juggling mags and using cover. USPSA, IDPA, GSSF or what have you, I "play" the game a little but mostly shoot and always have fun.

I know I'll won't be making the super squad anytime soon, that's ok. I smile a whole lot. Funny thing is I'm a better shooter now.
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