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Don't think we're not paying attention, guys!

Even though the poll appears to be overwhelmingly supportive of our current Policy on OT threads, it wouldn't matter if it was turned upside down. We (I?) still won't assent.

Here's why:
- Someone has to make the rules. Currently the rules are firearms or Bill of Rights. That's specific. Once we accept "OT", we become most non-specific. Non-specific rules are no rules at's ceiling is simply tomorrow's floor.

- Someone has to enforce the rules. There isn't a single member of Staff willing to donate their time to monitoring forums with no rules. Many of these guys have been at it for more than 3 years! Think about where you've been on the net in the past 3 years...they've been right here. That's not always fun.

- You can't "loosen up a bit" on OT threads...either you allow 'em or you don't. Once you do, be careful what you ask for! You'll surely be racking up the Rules in short order...replacing this simple one with about 100 "plug-ins".

- Other firearms Boards have attempted an "anything goes" policy. The results, for my money, are disastrous.....either they end up looking like the "I'm OK, You're OK" Rosie Boards of yore or like a teen-boys' first camp-out. In any case, they become "chat rooms". That was never TFL's mission...we are a resource board for firearms owners. We pretend to be nothing more....however, anyone that's been here for a few months and has not made lifelong friends, has really not taken advantage of the resource.

- We provide a Private Message feature....use it, free of charge, to your heart's content.

RWK points out a trend toward anarchy that I'm not real happy about. This is due to our enormous size and the fact that Staff is not omnipresent...though they sure put in the hours. But then, TFL is about personal responsibility. Our Membership disappoints us far less than we disappoint you....when you see something out of line, steer that person back to the High Road. If you're unsuccessful, give us a shout....we'll step in.
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