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I can see both sides of the coin here. I voted way to strict even though how I really feel is somewhat too strict.

Rich and the guys (& gals) do an excellant job in general in moderating but may at times be a little too strict in that some harmless and intelligent threads get cut early, just for no direct relation to firearms.

TFL'ers are obviously gun enthusiests, and most are very intelligent. Sometimes something besides a gun thought passes through these intelligent heads and should be discussed or passed on as viable communique' !

Guntalk brought us together on TFL, alliances, friendships and comradery have developed that are not insignificant. I think that it'd be reasonable to let these friends/aquaintences share other thoughts.

How about an Off-Topic Forum? Those who dont wish to see off-topic threads would not have to go to that forum. We all have our favorite forums that we visit, no harm there.

"Moved to Off-Topic Forum"
Kinda has a nice ring to it.
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