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Can we have a quick discussion about "off topic".

For those of you who don't know, I used to have bad dreams. In these dreams I would be trying to shoot a bad guy or some other threat and my gun would never work or I wouldn't be able to pull the trigger or the guy would get shot and not die. Bad dreams.

Now, what do you guys think qualifies for "off topic". It seems like a lot of threads have been getting shut down for being "off topic". Why not let a few of them run for a while? I know we have gone over this somewhere before, but it you don't want to read about it, don't go into that thread. I am in no way telling the moderators or Rich how to run this board, I am just trying to generate feedback from the rest of you on what you think about the rash of "off topic" threads that have recently popped up. Are the moderators doing a great job or are they getting a little lock crazy? Lets get some feedback.

Remember, also tell me about your bad dreams with firearms so they keep this in the general discussion area and don't shift me off somewhere else or for Heavan's sake...lock this thread!!!
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