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Today I saw an M-1A, FAL, M-1 carbine and a buttload of ARs, my own included. The AR's shined in the 20 target paper round, 40 shots total at 20-30 yd max. Fast shooting and hi-cap. The only handicap was during steel with full size poppers at 30 and 50 yds, several stubborn ones needed some encouragement in rapid fire to drop. Problem seemed universal for almost all the shooters though so the game wasn't affected, good learnnigs for re-assessing your target. The M-1A dropped the steel like a bad habit, the only problem being that the tactical Ted operator took about 10 shots to connect with a 50 yd popper. Not exactly the rifle's fault. The .308s look to need a good muzzle brake to get back on target quick. for your options, get an AR, they're not that bad or get an AK clone.
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