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What rifles are common for 3-gun matches?

Right now I've got the pistol and the SG covered but I don't have a rifle. I've owned an AR-15 and while it was fun to shoot, it was a pain to clean and I'm not overly impressed with the .223 round.

I've not shot a 3-gun match before so I don't know what is typically seen at one. I'm on a tight budget right now so the M1A Scout that I'd really like to have is out of the question. So is the HK91.

I'm thinking of either the CETME or an AK clone. I like the .308 round but I've heard that the quality on the CETME's can be spotty. I haven't heard much on the AK clones. I've never fired a FAL, but they don't seem to fit me very well when I shoulder one in the gun shop.

Any input or suggestions?

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