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The only markings on the side of the gun is the writing "New Ithaca Gun" surrounded by light scroll work. The Autumn 2001 issue of the Double Gun Journal has an article on a Lewis model grade 3 Ithaca and they show a 1904 Ithaca catalog where a 16 guage field grade Ithaca hammer gun with AA grade damascus barrels is selling for $32.00 (wish we could still buy them at that price). But they don't show any pictures of this particular gun.
I have always loved double barrels and my current finances allow me to purchase them on rare occasions, but I find that my money goes a whole lot farther with high quality damascus guns rather than ones with steel tubes. This is the only field grade double that I currently own, but it is still rather nice and I'm just interested in whatever I can dig up about it and the times that it was made in. I greatly appreciate your help in this matter. Thanks alot for this information and also for all the work you guys did on getting the site back on-line.

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