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I wonder if the Volokh in the article is somehow related to Professor Eugene Volokh at the UCLA Law school. Prof. Volokh has written some good pro-gun scholarly material which you can see on his website. [EDIT]: After looking at Oleg's link, it appears that the Volokh in the Harvard article is the younger brother of Professor Volokh at UCLA. Sounds like a pretty cool family.


While there aren't overwhelming numbers of law students who are pro-gun, there are more than you might imagine. I am one, and I know several others at school. I, for one, plan to get as active as possible in the cause when I finish in May. I am heartened by the Harvard article--if there are enough of them there at Harvard to form a gun club, that is a pretty good indication that there are more who are very discreet about it. And I am an exception: I arrived at law school as an anti, and will be leaving as a pro-gun enthusiast.
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