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I'm surprised that a person -- from MA no less-- went to a range, shot some guns for the first time, and had a pleasant not being warmly received here.

MB, as far as his unsafe gun handling, he was reminded of that and he corrected his behavior. When it's your first time shooting, and all you've ever seen is tv and movies, it's very hard not to casually put your finger on the trigger. Because, that's what they do on tv--so that's all you know. Sounds like he learned a lesson he won't soon forget:

“Remember,” he said, “make sure you don’t put your finger on the trigger until you’re ready to shoot.” I looked down at my right forefinger, which was wrapped tightly around the trigger even though I was holding the gun at my side, with its barrel dangling somewhere above the second and fourth toes of my right foot. I lifted my finger ever so slowly, fearing what would I might do to myself if I made any sudden movements. With a deep breath, I lifted the gun into position, the barrel (more) safely pointed in the general direction of the target before me. I won’t lie, I was scared. I was scared for me, I was scared for my potential descendants that might never be and I was scared for every other soul at that range who might soon cease to exist.

And as far as his hangover....The Crimson is the student newspaper at Harvard. Being a Syracuse alum, I can attest to the fact that hangovers on the weekend are a normal occurrence. Also, the author of the piece had to draw readers' attention somehow, right? This hooked me right at the beginning.

This part stood out to me though:
grasped for the trigger. BANG! My hand jumped. My heart raced. The bullet sailed about two feet over the upper left corner of the target. I had fired my first shot!
Put the butterflies right back into my stomach. All over again.
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