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Mpthole, don't be so hard on him. His background is MUCH different than mine, and I'd bet yours'. But he was willing to get up on a Sunday morning and go shooting for the first time. I'm impressed with his honesty and straight-forwardness. One or two more trips like that, and some good quality time w/ that group of students, and he'll be a great ally to our common goal.

Heck, the idea that Harvard now has a gun club that is widely popular (100 members IS widely popular at Harvard) is probably the best news I've heard all day! And it sounds like it has some leadership for the moment.

I find it pretty funny that he thinks he is "exploiting lax gun laws" in New Hampshire. It's painfully obvious that all he has ever known is what he's experienced in MA, MD and the like. It's comical to think that any state in this nation has "lax" gun laws (all states are under the same Federal laws, which are NOT lax.)
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