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I shoot at the Manchester Firing Line quite often and can attest that it is indeed a first-class facility. The staff is very friendly and helpfull. Jim, the owner, is an incredible wealth of knowledge and doesn't mind sharing.

Other groups from MA, where I work, also use the range including the Boston Area chapter of Pink Pistols, a group of mostly gay and lesbian shooters. So much for the myth that gun enthusiasts are a bunch of intollerant Neanderthals! Back in '92-'93 I worked at Harvard Business School and met many students from all over the country that were shooting enthusiasts and hunters but I figured that it was due to the fact that the B School is so much more conservative than the rest of Harvard.

Now that better weather is coming I will be headed for the outdoor hangun range again but I'll still make it a point to buy much of my shooting needs and have all my out of state transfers done at this fine facility.

Patrick Gobbi
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