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Jack, Dell is not a contributor to HCI.

I did some digging on Dell's charitible contributions. Some of this is duplicate. People with more enthusiasm than sense have created too many Dell threads, so I'm going to copy and paste.

That's just an affiliate program - anyone can join it. If you buy a computer from that link, HCI gets a commission from the sale. On one of these Dell threads, someone found and listed several pro-gun sites that do the same thing.

Funny, one of those links is for an outfit called "Fragcity"! Dead link, though. BTW, someone also pointed out that that page is very old - hasn't been updated in quite some time.

In fact, according to Dell's website:

Becoming a Dell Small Business Affiliate is easy, fast, and FREE. Dell has partnered with Be Free, a leader in affiliate marketing programs, to make it easy for you to become a Dell Small Business Affiliate.
Did you catch that? It's handled by a middleman. Dell probably doesn't even KNOW who is on the program. And doesn't care.

The ONLY giving Dell does, according to their website, is to some fairly local community stuff and the usual large bland charities, and their Dell Foundation policies specifically exclude political organizations.

Foundation giving does not extend to individuals, academic or research projects, civic, religious or political institutions, school fundraisers, capital campaigns, sponsorships, marketing opportunities or sports events
and organizations.
(Underlining mine.)

They also encourage philanthropy and volunteerism among their employees. In doing so, some have donated time and money to some bad choices like EarthShare and United Way, which likely gives money to HCI. But it's a looooong stretch from that to say that Dell is in the anti camp.

We could push them there, though, by being unreasonable. What better confirmation that gunnies are the knuckle dragging, beer swilling, rednecked idiots that Sarah tells them we are?

Better to know what you don't know than to think you know what you don't know.

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