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Jack Weigand
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Dell issue

A little update.
I was contacted by Dell this morning, a MR. John Hood. He explained the following.

He expressed Dells sincerest apologies for the problem I encountered.

He said that Dell would be reviewing and possibly changing the screening policy.

Dell also offered to send me the machine I had ordered at no charge, I politely declined the machine. I would never want this to be turned into me posting this to get a free machine. Secondly for obvious reasons I am not interested in doing business with Dell.

Dell is sending me a statement to post on my web site sometime tomorrow explaining what they are doing and what they intend to do concerning this issue.

I know not all agree with my not accepting the machine from Dell but this is a decision I need to be comfortable with. My main issue was to get the screening policy changed.

Thank you all for the overwhelming support you have given me, over three hundred emails worth and only one negative, LOL!
God Bless
Jack Weigand
God Bless
Jack Weigand
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