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I have one also, serial # 53XXX. Great little gun I just inherited from my Grandfather. Actually, this little gun is what he taught me to shot with 20+ years ago. I am delighted to have it.

These were manuf. by Remington between 1917 and 1935. You have a real antique gun. According to the blue book, value up to about $500 depending upon condition.

Only drawback with mine, as it is so sentimental, this gun will never be fired again. I am simply to afraid of a misfire of some sorts destroying it. There are NO replacment parts avaialble according to Remington.

I have also gone an bought a 241 Speedmaster, the next Rem 22 made. It is the start of a beautiful collection of Rem 22s.

Congratulations, ENJOY!!!!
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