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I've ordered from "Cheaper Than Dirt" several times, and will likely order more product from them in the future.

Here are the facts about dealing with CTD, as gleaned from my personal experience with them. This data is presented in no particular order. Since they are just statements of fact , nothing is presented or should be taken in the pejorative sense.

1. Shipping and handling charges are reasonable, especially if one orders heavy items such as ammunition or cans for the same. Your order will usually be shipped via UPS Ground service.

2. The quality of CTD's shipment packaging leaves a bit to be desired. Their shipping boxes do not hold up well during normal handling in the transit process; this is aggravated if you order heavy items as mentioned in #1. Usage of cushioning material (balled-up paper, foam "worms", etc.) is minimal. Movement of product in the box will almost certainly occur. This increases the risk of product damage.

3. Their website is updated hourly during their hours of business, with respect to inventory levels. Very helpful, and the only website that I'm aware of that has this feature.

4. The women who answer the phone are polite, but are frankly lacking any in-depth product knoweldge. One lady that I dealt with even had difficulty repeating a basic rifle caliber to me. 7.62x39 is not normally stated aloud as "seven hundred point sixty two times, er, multiplied by 39". Oh well.

5. CTD prices are very competitive. Their surplus items are reasonably priced.

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