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Remington Model 24 .22LR

OK, all you JMB fans, I have here on my desk the Remington 24 .22 LR semi-auto rifle, serial #81xxx (with tang-mounted Lyman peep sight) I inherited from my uncle.

Barrel is stamped Remington Arms Company Inc., Successor to the Remington Arms, UMC Co., Inc.,m Remington Ilion Wks., Ilion, NY, U.S.A., Browning's Patent October 16, 1916.

Shot it a couple of times. Not bad, fairly accurate with high velocity ammo.

Remington and Browning both say it's obsolete, and therefore do not have manuals on web sites.
I can disassemble it, including poulling the trigger/bolt assembly (together?!) out, but...
Is there a bolt locking or hold-open device on this thing?

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