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Thanks much for the Kind words! It is always good to hear when folks are happy with our products.


Are you talking about the Edge-Works / G-Code site?

I’m right here!

The G-Code paddles fit up to a 1.75” belt but works equally as well on a 1.5”.

I’m not sure what e-mail you tried but they all should be forwarded to my address [email protected]

Snail mail is posted in the lower left of every page with phone and FAX #.

We normally do not sell direct and refer our customers to one of our dealers. The idea here is that we need to support those who support us. That is why when you click on one of the buy buttons it takes you to a links page of a few of our dealers. That said, however, I don’t want any customer to be put out and I do from time to time sell direct at a trade show or if time is a factor for someone or if some special configuration in the holster is required. Generally we are not hard to find. The only thing I can think of is that our site will be updated frequently over the next few weeks as we add more photos and post more of the new items.

In any event give me a holler and I’ll see that you get the right rig.
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I’m a G-CODE holster fan !
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