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Actually it is nice to be back on The Firing Line because you can disagree with someone and they don't get all bent out of shape. In other words, I am having fun as well.

Your are correct, in the original question that it was a licensee to licensee transfer, my mistake, and you were also correct in the requirement that you stated for licensees needing a copy of the FFL.

When I use FedEx I usually walk in to one of two seperate FedEx stations around me and say, "I have a pistol and I want to ship it 2 day." They say "O.K." Heck, they usually won't even let me show them the FFL copy of the dealer I am shipping to, that I have. (I do get an FFL copy to cover myself.) After checking, I see that the official policy of FedEx is in fact overnight only on handguns. I guess when the rubber hits the road at my two FedEx stations, there is a "loose" interpretation of overnight. []
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