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Willy and LIKTOSHOOT...

" LIKTOSHOOT is correct. The contract carriers make up the rules in this regard. There are no laws requiring that handguns go via overnight for contract carriers."

I think there was a misunderstanding. Please reread my post. I did not say that there is a law requiring handguns to go overnight. What I said was that there is a law requiring you to inform the carrier that you are shipping a firearm and that all carriers ship handguns overnight. *That* is wrong, as I was really only referring to UPS and FedEx. I don't know what every carrier's policy is.

"Sorry, but I have to say you are wrong again. Just concentrating on handguns, I ship my handguns via 2 day all the time."

Both UPS and Fedex will only ship a handgun overnight. That is their official policy. The person accepting them for two day shipping is risking his job. Unless, of course, he isn't told. Then the person shipping is violating the law.

" In addition, FedEx will allow 2 day air shipments on handguns. Just ask your station manager."

Fedex does NOT allow 2 day shipping on handguns. The station manager is risking his job if he knowingly accepts a handgun for 2 day shipping. This is speculation, but I would bet that, in this scenario, *someone* can be prosecuted for not informing the carrier, since FedEx/UPS proper is not aware of the firearm.

"The section, Sec. 178.94, that you quote shows the second error you made, in its title; "Sales or deliveries between licensees. "
Demogorgo is a non-licensee. He is not required by law to obtain a copy of the receiving FFL's license. It is good practice to do so, so that you have verifiable proof after the fact, that you were shipping to a licensee, but it is not required by law as far as I have learned or have researched. If you have a cite I would like to see it. "

This is another misunderstanding. If you recall the original post, the question of shipping was of one between two licensees, not of a non-licensee shipping to a licensee. In this instance, my quote is correct.

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