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I'm well aware of how few peace officers have military experience these days. On my small dept. out of 23 sworn officers there are three of us who have ever been in the military. This is endemic through all parts of our society and is an inevitable byproduct of the 28 years of an all volunteer military. But that's not the issue here and the fact that an officer with no miiitary experience backed away from a tripwire and was unable to ID inert training ordnance is not an issue either.

TPD had every right to enter the open house on the complaint that was called in by the EMS people. They had a duty and obligation to investigate what they found in the house.

BUT THEY HAD NO RIGHT TO TRY THIS MAN IN THE PRESS It's this sort of irresponsible pandering to the press in an attempt to gain favorable public opinion or curry favor with certain political factions in the local government that is driving a wedge between law enforcement and gun owners. I don't have any idea what TPDs policy on press releases is, but if what was said is within the purview of their policy manual then it's time for a re-write.

If the booby traps were CS grenades, there is the possibility that they were illegal. I believe the Feds consider the M25 type bursting munition a destructive device. Any burning type grenade would probably not be readily available to the public and it might be a reasonable assumtion that it was stolen military property. A quick check of the lot number would confirm that. But if they were the aerosol type that is available "over the counter" so to speak, then there is no violation.

I think what we have here is an eccentric old man who collected firearms and militaria who had the misfortune to stumble from his home in a state of undress while he was having a medical emergency. Now thanks to the media's need to sensationalize a story and TPDs need to tell everyone how they have just saved the Southwest from the biggest threat since the apaches quit raiding from the mountains this mans life in his chosen community is ruined. And as an unintended consequence, 1000s of lawful firearms owners have another reason to fear and loathe their employees.

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