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Tear Gas Booby Traps Have Been Around For A Long Time.......


They used to be quite common accessories in safes and vault doors. A glass vial of the stuff was mounted behind the lock to defeat attempts to breech the safe by drilling the lock. Many deranged parnoind people like bankers and jewelers used these devices to protect their valuables. I even helped a friend who repaired safes remove one from the vault in the county courthouse.

Current versions of these devices can even include a dye so that the police can ID the burglar.

It's time we quit minding each other's business. Just because someone stored his guns in a manner other then you would have doesn't make him bad.

My guns are in a safe...In fact I'm building a vault room in my new house so everything can be in one spot and easier to organize. But that doesn't make me a better citizen then someone who keeps his guns in the closet or under the bed.

We are playing into the hands of the enemy when we pass judgement on how someone stores his property in his own home. Safe storage laws are but another step down the path to the end of RKBA. The ability to charge someone with a crime if someone accesses their guns is just the first step. Home inspection laws are next. Of course if the inspectors see some other contraband in plain sight while they are in the house to check the fire rating and capacity of your safe, then it's a legal search, because they were legally in the house to inspect the gun safe. So goodbye 4th amendment.

While they had a right to be in the house and an obligation to secure the man's property, they had no right to try him in the press by making some of the statements that they did. TPD is going to look pretty stupid if it's found that there was nothing illegal there.

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