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As for Gun Gallery, I went there today for the first time. Its not a great range, but the staff is friendly.
These guys will treat you right (there are two Gun Galleries in Jax, I believe. I go to the one on Beach & Peach). I've been dealing with them for several years and don't have any complaints. They've never tried to rip me off of run a line of bull on me. Like everyone else in the business, they have opinions, but no moreso than anyone on the forum here. The range is okay for an indoor job -- it'd be better if the gangsta' style shooting morons didn't keep shooting up the target holders, and incompetents didn't on rare occasions drill a hole in the benches and partitions, but that's just par for the course with a range that's open to the public.

It's convenient for me and as a member, it's cheap. I don't buy my ammo or targets there, generally, but I do buy my guns and miscellaneous supplies from them. I could probably shop around and find better prices on some things, but frankly I like having a good relationship with a local dealer.
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