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"How it should be...."

Nice story Dave! Ruarkish yes, but no doubt genuine. You know how fortunate you are to have had the experience. Thanks for sharing it.
Not only have the father-son rites of passage suffered in our modern families, but some of the ancient acts of hunting, food gathering and preperation are almost lost. How many of us remember it was the boys' duty to see that the smokehouse low fire was maintained just right (my eyes water and burn just thinking about it). How many adults have never picked an apple from the tree or caught and cooked their own fish, or slept on the ground?
You mean they don't grow that meat on those plastic trays?!?
As pleasant as the memories are, the realization of what is lost makes the recollection painful. Maybe the story telling and some determined effort will inspire some of our youth to look for life beyond the superfoodMart, the megaMall, and the godam TV. I certainly hope so.
Dave, I'm a little younger than you but I thank God I had a father and grandfather cut from the old cloth. The rites of passage were sacred and precious.
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