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^Yeah, I know what you mean. Marin Firearms (also in the Bay Area) has poor service IMO-->not only do they try to force unwanted guns down your throat, they lie and make things up about low quality guns to get quick sales. To be blunt, they lost me as a customer because of their dishonest practice.

Now, on to the good customer service gunshops in the Bay Area. I've always had excellent luck with Montana Hawk pistol range: I know the owner (Doug) and he is a great guy and honest. If you don't mind driving the long distance, I'd recommend giving them a try. They are located in Cotati (North Bay). The only down side is high prices, but I don't mind paying a little extra for good customer service and honest salesmen/saleswomen. If you do decide to go through Montana Hawk, ask for Doug. He's the best one there.

Oh, yeah I also agree with the gentleman that mentioned Bullseye Pistol Range in San Rafael. They also are a good place to buy guns, and they run an honest business.

Either place (Montana Hawk or Bullseye) will be a good choice IMO. Give them a try!
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