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Review: Jackson Arms, South San Francisco (2 THUMBS DOWN)

Recently transplanted to the Bay Area, I decided to investigate a local gun range / store today - namely, Jackson Arms in South San Francisco. I went in thinking I might buy a gun - having now experienced a new all-time low in customer service, I assure you that there is no way in h*ll these guys will get my business.

I stood patiently over the gun counter, dressed totally professionally, staring at the limited selection... waiting for someone to come assist me... after 10 minutes, I began pacing. After 5 more minutes I turned to the two young punks goofing off behind the counter and asked:

"Do you sell handguns here?"

"Yeah, the guns are in the counter behind you"

(jaw drops in disbelief)


Here's a tip to the ownership of Jackson Arms: hire and retain qualified staff and pay them what they are worth -> you might actually MAKE MONEY SELLING GUNS. You lost a customer today. Think about it.

-pissed in SF (and still looking for gun store recommendations in the Bay Area)
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