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BullsEye Gun, in Jax, Fla., is a bad place.

First, let me say that I have been a member of BullsEye Gun for the past two years and have spent over a thousand dollars there on ammo alone. Hence when I say that it is a bad place, I speak with experience.

BullsEye Gun does not want my business. And it does not want your business either if you own any Comm Block Weapons.

About a year ago they banned 7.62x39mm. Now they have expanded it to include all 7.62mm unless you buy it from them. No other type of ammo is covered. You can bring in .308, 30/06, .223, .45, 10mm, .50AE, but you can not bring in 7.62. I had assumed that this only covered 7.62x39mm but now I find out that any Comm Block 7.62 is banned.

Anyway, so today I walked in with 7.62x25mm for my CZ. I figured that this would be ok since it is pistol ammo (they had rationalized banning 7.62x39mm by claiming that it overpentrated). But no, I was told that I would have to buy their ammo because they had problems with people using ammo that overpenetrated (I figured this was BS but kept my cool at first).

Their ammo turned out to be the EXACT same brand. Once I pointed this out, I was told that I didn't know what the "hell" I was talking about (they cussed at me the customer). Yet both boxes of ammo were clearly identical.

Now this is clear discrimination against people who shoot Comm Block weapons. If I had walked in with a .45 (which is what I usually shoot) then there would have been no questions. But since I was using a CZ, it became an issue.

I spent over a thousand dollars on ammo at that range last year and signed up 7 or 8 yearly members. So I expected to be treated a lot better than that.

Anyway, when the guy told me that I didn't know what the hell I was talking about, I blew my lid. And was then asked to leave for using the "F" word. It is ok for BullsEye employees to cuss at their customers, but if you cuss back you are tossed out.

Here they were shafting me just because I had a Comm Block weapon. That is so wrong. I will never do business with them again and advise other FL members NOT to sign any contract with them.

There are other gun ranges in town, and those ranges treat their customers better. I am not asking anyone to avoid BullsEye because of what happened to me. I am just relating my experience to you before you decide to waste some money on a membership at that range.

Bottom line, BullsEye Gun Sucks

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