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You would just have ignored the booby trapped house. What a good citizen you are.<< "Needs more MedicatedONe"..

The guy booby trapped the INSIDE of his own home (his castle). We have the right to do ANYTHING we please to the inside of our own home.

As long as I did not see photos of under 12yr olds having sex with adults or an active meth lab, I would respect his rights and privacy and locked his home for him. It's called being a good neighbor. If I was a cop, I would tell the dept that we need to do some extra patrols as the guy is in the hospital.

Where exactly to some of you draw the line? He had a few boxes of smokeless powder and far less of black powder. I only shoot about 1500 rounds a year of 45acp so I only keep 1-2# of powder on hand. Of course, I should keep 10# in case it is made illegal or more difficult to buy. Yep, that's right, if it was made illegal to possess, I would only buy more. Guess I'm mentally unstable and should have my home raided.

Now, if I reloaded for 10 different cartridges, I would need to keep much more powder on hand. If I did some reloading for friends or supplemented my pension by selling reloads at gun shows, then I would need more than this guy had.

Since when does anothers sense of "need" have anything to do with what I do? Did he "need" 140 guns? Maybe, he definitely "wanted" them. Isn't that good enough? There are many wealthy people like Jay Leno who have over a hundred extremely expensive cars. Probably over a hundred gallons of premium oil and such to feed them. He certainly has no NEED for all those cars.

What if the old guy IS a little senile. If he was a good natured friendly gun owner 20yrs ago, his senility would not likely make him go out and shoot people. So, again, why treat him like this?

Anyone here who make a bunch of negative opinions about the guy because he decided not to spend $12,000 on twelve gun safes that would crush his home is simply being negative and judgmental. If it is inside his own home he has no requirements to own a safe. I don't own a safe because I would rather spend the money on firearms and my kids. I think owning a safe by some is paranoia. But, it's OK with me. Myself, I have homeowners insurance.
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