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Part II....

The two oldsters did a great job, and those geese was clean. The men's morale was excellent, but they showed no signs of drunkenness. We loaded up many geese, while Pop gave the guys a goose each, a few dollars, and most of a box of short mags in 2 or 3 shot. Mr Bob promised he'd take the pickers goosin' on the morrow, and as we left the kichen whiskey reappeared. On the ride back, my lapse of ethics came up, gently. Maybe Pop remembered the headbutting he and his father had gone through, by all accounts it was bad.

He said something like...

" It's easy to get too excited at times like that. Weasels do it in henhouses. You're no weasel. How MANY we kill is not nearly as important as HOW, WHEN, and WHY we do. Life and death is as important as it gets, and how we give and take death is how we're judged by other and by God.Kill cleanly and with good reason".

He settled back and left me to think on what he'd said. Still do at times...

And so we drove back to Clarksville with Mom, Brother and Babe the Weimaraner greeting us warmly, at the end of a great day.

As we pulled into the drive, I said something like this to Pop.
"Thanks, Pop, it's been one H*ll of a great day"....
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