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So...YOU'RE the one that took "Willy"! Bastard!

No offense taken, and no need for the flame suit either. This is how we distill information to get what is correct.

First, please note that I said "how one *usually* goes about it." I was not trying to imply that "this is how it must be done."

I'll address your correct assertions first:
True, you can just pick up the FFL and Fedex it with payment and note. This definitely will save a ton of time.

True, anyone can ship a gun to an FFL (except if, as in NY, the FFL has been burdened with the additional recordkeeping task of noting the authority under which the previous owner lawfully possessed the gun. Hard to do for a non-licensee..."right to keep and bear arms" just doesn't cut it for NYS, even though it should!)

True that the sender need not send his FFL to the receiver.


FALSE, the receiving FFL *must* send a certified copy of his license to the sender.

FALSE, you may not ship second day. All carriers require firearms to go overnight. By law, you are required to inform the carrier in writing that you are shipping a firearm. So the only way to ship 2nd day is to not tell the carrier; a violation of law.

Lastly, I prefer to read the law, not the FAQ. You tend to get more correct info. However, all this is in the ATF FAQ.


Sec. 178.94 Sales or deliveries between licensees.
A licensed importer, licensed manufacturer, or licensed dealer selling or otherwise disposing of firearms, and a licensed collector selling or otherwise disposing of curios or relics, to another licensee shall verify the identity and licensed status of the transferee prior to making the transaction. Verification shall be established by the transferee furnishing to the transferor a certified copy of the transferee's license and by such other means as the transferor deems necessary

Sec. 178.31 Delivery by common or contract carrier.
(a) No person shall knowingly deliver or cause to be delivered to any common or contract carrier for transportation or shipment in interstate or foreign commerce to any person other than a licensed importer, licensed manufacturer, licensed dealer, or licensed collector, any package or other container in which there is any firearm or ammunition without written notice to the carrier that such firearm or ammunition is being transported or shipped
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