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I bend to you "get your drift". As a curoisity question, since Ehor had had a prior complaint on him for threatening a neighbor with "blowing him away", a charge that was not pressed by the DA, could this have triggered something in the system? Just wondering. You aren't going to tell me that certain criminals are not in the database are you?

The machine gun matches were being held at Three Points Range. They have since moved to the Ben Avory in Phoenix. Since they went north, I haven't kept track of them. I gave up on the full auto idea because of the price tags on these things.

As far as the prozac goes, heck we could probably use a crop duster to spray half the city...wait a minute that may not be such a good idea these days...

Hey if you are in Tucson, wanna get some of the local TFL'rs and go out to play sometime at one of the ranges? Maybe have a TFL Goofy Shoot? I'm famous at PCC for putting those together. The best 'dern cheapola matches that one can have with cardboard, donuts and a box of crayons. I have the distinct honor of presiding over the first ever "Flying Tortilla" stage ever done at Three Points. Drew quite a crowd that day.
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