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Sorry to burst your bubble, but I do live in Tucson.
I have insight into the TPD RMS database that it appears you don't.
The MDT/MTC system does not provide the "intelligence" info that you speak of, the terminals are very limited in their abilities, due to the antiquated software that TPD still uses.
I deal with them daily from the user side. If ya get my drift.
TPD address returns don't give any info about weapons unless it has been specifically entered by a particular officer. They have no idea who has a C&R and who doesn't, at least in the field.

TPD officers lost the privilege to get high-caps, because a few of them were buying LEO only for about $18 a piece and using them to replace their pre-bans which they then sold for about $100 a piece. Some did the same things with AR15's, they lost that privilege too.

As for the chief, well he is a politician. He does what the council tells him to keep his $100k+ a year job. Heck, he doesn't even want his troops to have patrol rifles, wouldn't want to have an evil rifle out there, now would we.

The MedicatedOne is a joke. Honestly though, don't most cops seem like they need a dose of Prozac??

Where are the full-auto matches held? Pima Pistol Club or elsewhere?
"Trust No One", - Fox Mulder
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