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Medicatedone, I wouldn't bet the farm on whether the cops know who holds a C&R in your town. I don't know where you live, but it would not be fair to assign the rules of your PD to where I live. The Tucson Chief of Police is on record as being an anti. Only cops should own guns. One of the guys at work was an auxillary officer, he flew plans for the PD on extriditions. The cheif didn't want to give him a letter authorizing him to purchase high cap mags for his department issued pistol. When I was considering picking up a full auto to play in the machinegun matches around here, I was told by a high ranking officer on he staff that the Chief would not sign a letter for any citizen to have a machine gun. He fought like hell to keep a city ordinance banning concealed weapons (with a permit) or open carry from city parks and recreation areas (he lost). Tucson is gun-friendly inspite of the city administration. Just because you "hung out to see their collections" doesn't mean a thing. Because you didn't give them cause to do anything about it, "looking at someone's collection' is far different than owning one, and there are many things that the cops know about you that they will never tell the general public. Not everything they have is public information, it falls under the heading of "intelligence". How do I know these things? I am a College support manager and our DPS, yep these guys went through the stuff to be real cops, and I help buy the the computer systems, pay the rent on the NICS and other LEO info systems, ride in the cars, damn, I BUY THE CARS, hear the radio chatter, wrote the requistion for our use of the TPD /Pima Sheriff and DPS tactical channels on the repeater, do I need to go on?

Now, Med, if you are a prohibited person, due to your medications(?) then you have no business being around guns. If you own any, then you should loose them. Ehor was not a prohibited person. He had the paper work to collect. The C&R is a simple formality that let's you buy pass some of the idiocy of buying retail. If you are violating the rules of firearms prohibition, you should be punished.

The latest on the Ehor front is this, my buddy has made the calls tothe NRA national board folks. They promised that they would have someone local that does the leg work look into this. I haven't had a chance to get back with the lawyers. I am hoping that if Ehor doesn't have the money, which he probably doesn't since he is on disability, one of them will pick it up pro bono or at least tap the NRA. More will be presented as I hear or learn about it.

Sumbich, thanks for the kind words, I'll be answering you off the TFL later.
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