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Did you people read one particular post? You will see that I was trying to stimulate some of you into analyzing YOUR postions. It appears that only shock therapy could stimulate some of you.
Have you ever heard of a Devils advocate?????

No the C&R comes up nowhere in the TPD database, if it did, I would have been in trouble for hanging out at their houses to see their collections.

Are you serious, you don't see how a large quantity of explosives is dangerous? How to explain that you, is beyond me.

I have fought for justice, however it is a legal system and justice plays no part in it. I have done my part for peace also.
I guess I just haven't done it to your liking, but I will keep trying to meet your standards so as to get your approval.

The Clerk of the Superior Court should be able to tell you who signed the warrant, but they may not be open til tuesday due to Presidents Day.

Onward into the abyss. I really do believe the stuff below, honest.
Well, only an extremely paranoid person, who has crossed into the mentally ill category would booby trap their house.
The paranoia involved to use booby traps is extreme, but I don't find it surprising that some of you support this guy, you sound like birds of a feather.

The 22/Country Club area is not a high crime area. Lots of low income people, but crime is not very high.
If this guy was so concerned that someone would take his guns that he had to booby trap them, why not buy a safe?
Oh, I see that would be too rational for you all, you would rather booby trap em.

I stand behind my comments about responsible storage of your weapons. It is easier to secure them, then to complain when you are burglarized and they are gone.
I am all for a large firearms collection, I am working on it daily, but to leave em laying around the house is irresponsible. IMHO

The funny thing is, I am the MedicatedOne. Maybe I should be sharing with the rest of you.
"Trust No One", - Fox Mulder
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