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"News 13 has learned Eroh does in fact hold a license, which is essentially a dealer's permit issued by the ATF. This license provides Eroh with access to certain-caliber firearms--or collectibles-- not available to the public. And could clear Eroh of any possession charges, so long as no machine guns or active military explosives are found inside his home."

Isn't AZ a Class III state? I remember whan I was at ANCOC at Huachuica they had a gun show in the rec center (!!!) and there was at least one dealer selling full auto. That was in 92/93 though..

"The only way we can provide a safe environment for those who live here it to approach it with that idea," Sgt. Borboa says. "That something in those cannisters can be dangerous."

Words fail me... Well, sort of. Anyone have a house/home that is COMPLETELY DEVOID of "canisters full of stuff that could be dangerous...?" Sgt. Borboa? Davis MOntham Zoomies? (Fat chance--I've known Air Force EOD guys...) Jounalists, er, I mean, On-Air Personalities"? Anyone, anyone? Buehler...?

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