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For clarity sake let me define what the booby-traps were in Ehor house. He had attached trip wires to some of his firearms. The people digging through his collection caught a face full of tear gas. Like I stated in an earlier email, this guy lives in a high crime area. If the shoe was on the other foot and he came home to find a burgler rolling on the floor with a lungful of CS, he would have been branded a hero.

Another fact that you may not realize. Ehor had an FFL, like most said, probably a C&R. I have one of those also. They are a good deal. When you apply for a C&R you MUST send a letter to the local CLEO in your community. In our case, that would be the Chief of the Tucson Police. In this letter you must state, who you are, where you live and that you are getting ready to conduct trading and collecting under the regulations set out for the C&R. BANG! Your local PD know what you are up to. Period, paragraph. I can't say this for sure, but I'll be the cops knew there was a gun collection in that house before they reached the address. I need to ask a cop that I know if a C&R address somes up when they get a call to that location.

If you don't think this happened, let me tell a short tale. Me: new CCW. Driving down the street, minding my own business. Cop car, lights, pull over stuff. The cop came up to my window, hand on his side arm. "Sir, before we start, are you carrying a gun?" Me: "No". Cop: "Are you sure? Lying can get you on trouble". "I have a CCW< if I was armed I would tell you". "Why did you pull me over?" Cop: "brake light out..." Me: "Oh, okay".
Cop: "Step out of the car, I need to be sure you aren't armed..(this is the line I love) for yours and my safety No gun for real, I took real exception to being pawed up like that.

Okay what did this teach me? A) That the fact in Arizona a CCW doesn't have to declare is BS. B) that the fact you own a CCW will not be known to the LEO on a routine check is bull C)We are more controlled than we even realize.

Even if the Ehor guy had screwed up some, he deserves all the protection that a citizen is entitled to. ANd we should not loose sight of that. As been said here a bunch of times: YOU COULD BE NEXT!
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