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When are some of you people going to get it?

How long are you going to continue to redraw the line in the sand?

Do you even have one?

When are you going to admit that not all of the governments targets or "victims" are going to be approaching sainthood?

Oh, the guy is a mental case because he used a perfectly legal CS gas device to protect his home from potential burglars.

Sounds pretty rational to me. They are installed by businesses and residential alarm companies everywhere, everday as a deterrent to would-be burglars.

Oh, he was irresponsible because he stored his firearms in an unsafe manner.

So, hiding his firearms around his home to deter theft is irresponsible?

Oh, he posed a reckless threat to the neighborhood because of the volume of smokeless powder he had in his home.

So, when did smokeless powder become explosive? I agree that he may not have had it housed correctly, but it positively posed no explosive threat to his neighbors. I venture to say that your ammunition or powder stored in metal containers is more explosive in nature than what has been described thus far in these news reports.

Oh, he is a terrorist because he possessed 20mm "anti-aircraft" shells.

So, have you prosecutors of the poor man already made the determination that these rounds were anything but inert? Incidentally, the US military has long relinquished the idea utilizing the 20mm as an anti-aircraft weapon due to its relative inneffectiveness. The round(s) he likely possessed are inert, and are the more common variety used by the 20mm 3-barreled rotary cannon used on the AH-1S Cobra or the Vulcan equipped tracked vehicle, with neither platform being in the US inventory or generally available for sale to civilians.

I know that a lot of these points have already been made by my compatriots, but you people who so eagerly condescend against someone so obviously being villified by the press and government alike need to truly rethink your own personal situations. More than likely, you are a simple phone call away from having your little "arsenal" trotted out for public consumption, but not in as favorable a light as you would hope.

What about Emerson? He wasn't anybody's poster child either. Sure, he lost the restraining order aspect of his case, but the resultant 5th Circuit opinion rendered will eventually prove invaluable in the trying times ahead.

What about the poor guy Bob Stewart?) at Maadi-Griffin, now rotting in Florence because of some BATF hand-wringing, re-interpretation and blind justice?

What about the gun shop owner (can't recall his name), also in Mesa, AZ, who had his entire inventory tossed carelessly into plastic trash cans while he watched over non-payment of some obscure, petty city ordinance?

Time for some folks to pull their 9th Circuit collective craniums out of their respective (or maybe not) posteriors.

All of these fellows recieved notice from Angel Shamaya. Is she to be considered a knee-jerk respondent, also? I've never met Angel, but I gather you would have a difficult time convincing her of that. I'd even pay to eavesdrop. An extra nickel just to get a recording of it to transcribe it to a .wav file, just to have the luxury of providing it for folks here to hear.

When is it going to be enough to convince you "non-believers" that something is afoot in sometimes dusty, sometimes flash-floodsville?

Maybe when Napolitano's new little Fed-sponsored gun grabbem' task force catches you running afoul and committing some innocuous or petty crime. Or maybe you, too, pull a "Fred Sanford" (Mr. Foxx, I'm comin' ta' join ya' soon, myself) and the arriving EMT's notice your "gun aura de jour" environ while rummaging for some bed-linens. Who knows? The possibilities under the "ostrich-plan" are ad infinitem. I've seen the ostriches in past years off I-10 on the way to Tucson. Seems the idea is catching on...

Sure, the facts aren't all in. But enough of them are to see that this man has fallen victim to, at a minimum, the media and the sheep who subscribe to it.

Apparently, he has fallen victim in the minds of some gun-owners as well.
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