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As for Eroh himself, he remains in critical condition at a local hospital after suffering a medical emergency early Monday morning. Authorities were originally called to Eroh's home on an indecent exposure call, after a neighbor saw Eroh on his porch naked Monday morning. When they arrived, however, they soon realized Eroh was experiencing either a heart attack or stroke. While on the scene, they couldn't help but notice a reported "mountain of ordinance" inside his home.
No, I didn't doctor the story ... that is exactly the word they used.

Ordinance - one definition ... a law set forth by a governmental authority; specifically : a municipal regulation.

Ordnance - military supplies including weapons, ammunition, combat vehicles, and maintenance tools and equipment.

I would say that reporter said the proverbial mouthful ... when the press can't tell the difference between ordnance and an ordinance in a case like this ... well, I'd say that is the perfect Freudian slip.

Every day we slip further from the improbable to the surreal. Unfortunately, Tucson, AZ resembles California these days. Incredible.

I do hope the City has made Eroh into a wealthy man ... he'll deserve it, after all of this horse manure.

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I refuse to live in a state which fails to recognize my family's fundamental right of self defense. I refuse to give that state my labor, my taxes, or any other support for such an uncivilized and barbaric policy. In other words ... Texas, Yes ... California, No.
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