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He doesn't get my support because he is wreckless with the storage of his weapons and powder, and so mentally unstable that he has booby traps in his house.
I've not seen footage of the inside of his home, it may very well be true that he is/was 'wreckless' in how he stored his weapons. However, doing so is not grounds for having the law raid your house. However, if it were a situation where, say, there were always children running through his house, and one of those kids took a weapon and some tradgedy resulted, then I would agree, throw the book at him.
This simply begs one question: Whom did he hurt? What person(s) did he assault, maim, murder, rape, injure, etc.? Upon who's rights did he infringe?
Certainly being an eccentric (crazy?) old coot doesn't (or shouldn't) earmark one for such dramatic repercussions.

So far, the only references I can find to 'booby traps' are that they were all tear-gas or pepperspray based, like the ones available here
For those on a tight budget, or under certain circumstances, such a system may be the best option. After all, they are non-lethal, cost-efficient, and effective.

BTW, sorry about referencing the almighty, anonymous, evil they In this case, I'm referring to the local law enforcement officials, media, and the DA who is probably cracking his knuckles and chomping at the bit to nail this guy.
Whether or not they are doing this out of spite to gun owners, or simply out of dramatic over reaction is pretty immaterial at this point. The fact is that they (the one's listed above) seem to be getting all flustered and are reacting like the guy had a mid-yield tactical nuke in his basement.

As too having a 'ridiculous' amount of powder, yeah, I'll agree, it seems like he has more than the average bear. So what? As far as I'm concerned, it's a basic human right to own property in any quantity one can afford without having to justify it to anyone. Jerry Seinfeld has a collection of Porshes (IIRC). Should he have to justify why he has that much horsepower all stored in one big garage? After all, no one needs a car that can go that fast.

With regard to 'public safety' I believe that this is where you and I are going to have a major difference of opinion.
It is my steadfast belief that squishy terms such as 'public safety' undermine the rights of the individual. Such a term is nebulous at best, and downright manipulative at worst. In any case, once you start infringing on the rights of an individual for the 'rights' of the group, it's only a matter of time until all individual rights are infringed upon, including yours.

Which brings me to why this whole thing bothers me. Granted, the guy may be a few rounds short of a full magazine, but that doesn't give you, or I, or the government any more authority to seize his belongings and threaten to arrest him, especially after the place was searched without the use of a warrant. (I don't care how 'legal' the excuse is, that is what it boils down to.)

What additionally bothers me is that you now have reporters referring to old, C&R bolt guns as 'military style assault rifles.'

What really, really, irks the living poo out of me is that this whole thing is setting a very nasty precedent that will be used in the future as justification for similar actions.
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