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I agree, no one needs 50 of the same rifle, but that is his business as long as he handles them responsibly, our poster child did not.
How did Ehor not handle his arms responsibly? He wasn't shooting in the town square; he wasn't handing them out to the local children and letting them play; he wasn't hurting anyone.

The police had no idea he had this many guns until they entered his home. So the guns happened to be laying around the house, hidden under the stove and other odd places. So? That house is his private property, and he can do whatever he wants on it.

Are you saying that we have full rights to 'keep and bear arms' but we do not have the right to store them however we see fit?

Oh, and I can vouch for Ceols mental state:

Your willingness to booby trap your house shows your mental state, and its not a good one.
It's just fine, thank you very much. Taking precautions to protect private property is not a sign of mental instabilty (nor is alliteration )
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