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Agreed, it is a legal system not a justice system.

Now that I have some of you riled up, here is my point.
We need to think about who we support and when.
If you support everyone that is fine, but I have seen the knee-jerk reaction run rampant in this thread, without much thought put into why you were supporting this person.
Think, think, think, as Pooh would say, it is what makes us humans so special, cognitive reasoning.

Unless some new information comes to light, which I highly doubt, I can't support this guy.

Anyway, I will be going back to the revolver forum for awhile, I just got into this cause living in Tucson and hearing all this for three days now on the news, I see things a little differently than those that are reading an article from across the country.

The one thing I don't get is this, why do they take all of his guns, I can see where the powder can be an issue, but why the guns?
Is it because they can?
Or because now the media has told all the burglars that the guy is in the hospital and his traps are disarmed, so his guns are easy to get now?
A lot from former and a little from the latter, me thinks.

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