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As usual you don't get it. The booby traps and the powder all over the place was the public safety issue. What else was booby trapped? Do you know? Well neither did they. Just how volatile was that house? You don't know that either, seems you don't know much about what you speak of, but you sure speak alot.

You would just have ignored the booby trapped house. What a good citizen you are.

Read this link, it talks about the booby traps, as did all the newscasts here in Tucson and the news articles the first day.

This link addresses the initial response to the residence and the discovery of the booby traps.

I agree, no one needs 50 of the same rifle, but that is his business as long as he handles them responsibly, our poster child did not. Your willingness to booby trap your house shows your mental state, and its not a good one.

To all,
I will gladly support any gun owner who is being railroaded, however I have not seen info on many posted here, felons, the insane and other oddballs are not my kind of gunowners.
I guess that makes me an oddball on this board, I actually want to evaluate the individual in question instead of just blindly swearing my allegiance to them, because they own guns.
"Trust No One", - Fox Mulder
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