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Anyone who has booby trapped his house is a wacko and we should be distancing ourselves from him, instead of embracing him.
Well, with this going on, I'm going to seriously think about booby-trapping MY house (when I get one, that is...). But my booby-traps won't be found before they go off. As far as I'm concerned, anyone entering without my permission (and with it my warning) is a miscreant and deserves to get hurt. Cops included.
I wouldn't support this guy in the least, he is not the kind of people that 99% of gun owners are.
When they came for guys with gunpowder, I said nothing, because I had no gunpowder. And when they came for me...

MedicatedOne - My Dad has about 50 Arisakas. Should he have to justify that? Should he be villified for it? Hey, no "normal" person needs 50 of the same model rifle, do they?
No gun owner is going to represents "all normal gun owners." We're all individuals, with our own eccentricities and difference. If you only support the rights of those who are just like you, you'll end up alone. My Dad has hardly a round of ammo for those Arisakas - he just likes the history. But you can bet that if the cops "secured" (:barf: ) our house, he'd have "an arsenal of military weapons and handguns, explosives [powder], paramilitary equipment [WWII uniforms], machineguns [a dewat], explosives [dummy grenades], and equipment for manufacturing unlicensed ammunition [a single-stage press]. Oh, plus being a "basement gun dealer" [used to have an FFL w/o a storefront]. How evil, eh? Having thought about the bald-faced lies that are normally used to describe gun owners by the media, my feeling is that I'll support anyone and everyone.
"There goes as if deranged a German soldier, with burning helmet on his head, making horrible noises. A second, as though possessed, yells "Jews...weapons. Jews...weapons."
- From an anonymous eyewitness' description of the first battle of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
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