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He doesn't get my support because he is wreckless with the storage of his weapons and powder, and so mentally unstable that he has booby traps in his house.

How are they picking on him? The medics went to his house for a medical problem. There was no raid. The medics found this fine citizens booby traps while looking for a blanket to help him deal with the stroke that he had on his front porch. There was no raid.
BTW, who is this "they" you refer too, the media or law enforcement or little green men in black helicopters.

I know this is a gun board, but this guy is atypical of gun owners.

Having that much powder in your home is ridicilous, plain and simple. It is a public hazard, he did not have the powder stored in a safe manner and it was a definite hazard.
BTW, all my weapons and ammo are stored either in vaults, cases or ammo cans. What a concept.

To support this guy just because he is a fellow gun owner seems really stupid to me. Supporting a mentally unstable indivdual like him is akin to voting for Gore or living in California, it just don't make sense to the sane people. To each his own I guess.
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