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I read your article about the guy who had a stroke and then had all his posessions illegaly stolen from his home and his home chopped up by the police.

Your article is so full of mis-statements, lies & contradictions, it is unbelievable. Of course, much of that is in the form of quotes. If you are going to quote such idiots, isn't it proper to close with a commentary about how all the above is untrue?

Please print an attack on the so called law enforcement and correcting statements to all the false claims printed before:

>>"Had this detonated, it would have caused a serious explosion,"<<
>>120 pounds of smokeless gunpowder and 8 pounds of black gunpowder<< Earlier it was stated that these are explosives and could have exploded at any moment. In truth, smokeless gunpowder cannot explode. It simply burns quickly. It is completely legal and safe.

>>Bomb making supplies<<. Also known as completely legal cartridge reloading supplies.

>>Those devices included a grenade, ammunition for a bazooka and a 60 mm mortar round, which all turned out to be practice rounds, Kidd said <<
In other words, diabled dummy rounds. Completely safe and legal.

>>but also books, tools, benches, videos and much more, Kidd said<< Quick, you better turn yourself in! I'm sure you have lots of these in YOUR home. I sure do.

>>Many said they were relieved<< Wasn't there anyone there at all who were not relieved but are now in total fear of the government storm troopers comming to their home next? Were those people unfit to quote? Why?

>>licensed firearms collector<< ... need I say more? In fact, I'm pretty sure if he was NOT licensed, he would have still been completely legal.

Why were the cops called? I would have just locked the doors when I noted the valuables inside.
Why the hole in the roof? They had no business in his home & they DO have gas masks.
Since this poor, sick man was not in the commission of any other crime than having a stroke, what the hell is the deal?
It is so sad that yourself and your paper hold the small part of the first amendment dealing with free speech in such high esteem but totally ignore ones civil rights to keep arms or to protect from illegal search and seizure.

This guy did not commit any illegal ACTS in re his 2nd Amendment rights. But, your papers false reporting and misleading statements do sound like very poor use of your "freedom of speech". Sure, neither is illegal, but yours is the one that can cause harm.
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