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Let's gather the facts and support if we can!

Tamera, the "public safety" is a safety net for "and anything else we want to do"! Caliban, good points with one exception, if he has a C&R he had to pass muster. Yeah he's probably a lot like the rest of us, enjoys firearms, and belives what the founders said. Too bad those grabbing his guns don't as well. Med 1, none of the articles actually said he had boobie traps, the neighbors stated he told them he had them. I again say we need to gather info. Joe, bless you, if we could get enough info on him to run some searches to see where his closest family is maybe we could get them to help out. This just sucks. If we used the comment about the "static" as a metafor, we could say things like, " that officer had so much ammo on him, he could have blow us all to kingdom come it we'd lit a match! I'm ready to pony up to help hire outside investigators if we can't get the information we need to help if possible. Looks like Joe is point man at this stage. Joe, keep us posted. I have gotten a response from Aaron at Jpfo saying he would check with his contacts in the city, nothing from Angel Shamia or GOA. Tick, tock..........
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