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Face it folks, the old guy is not the poster child for the 2A.
Of course he isn't, why else would they pick on him?
Do you honestly expect that they would raid someone who was an 'upstanding' and well-known citizen?
Do you honestly think that they're going to raid some photogenic 40-or-50-something who has family, connections, and the resources to defend himself?

No, they're going to raid some old, poor, unhealthy crank who noone gives a hoot about. They're going to arrest him for violating the letter of the law, and for acting 'out of the ordinary.'
In short, they're going to do everything they can to make him look like a solitary loner who broke a bunch of laws and, thank god we got him now, because God-knows-what-he-would-have-done-to-the-children.

Do me a favor, and take a look around at your gun safe, reloading room, book collection, video collection, and all those pretty little rounds of ammo you have.
Take a good, long, hard look, and ask yourself "If CNN suddenly kicked the door in and started videotaping my life, what would the talking heads say about me on the television?"

Lemme give you a hint: Even if all you do is shoot skeet with a Perazzi over-and-under, they will still crucify you.

It just so happens to be a bit easier to crucify someone who's waaay out of step as opposed to someone who's just marginally so.

Oh, and with regard to this:
Serious question. What do you need 100lbs of smokeless powder for unless you are running a reloading business??
SFW As far as I'm concerned, you should be able to own just about any property you like, without having to justify it to anyone. To claim that he doesn't deserve our support because he owned more powder than is normal seems kinda stupid to me.
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