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Reference the need for a warrant, they cited the exigent circumstances of public safety, therefore they don't need a warrant to enter and clear out the weapons and such. Happens all the time whether you like it or not.
The initial entry of the residence by the medics and then the police were lawful also, first to check for his meds and possibly other persons, then for the booby traps that the medics had found.
Whether you agree or not, it is the legal way.

Face it folks, the old guy is not the poster child for the 2A.
Anyone who has booby trapped his house is a wacko and we should be distancing ourselves from him, instead of embracing him. He will do nothing to help our cause.

Serious question. What do you need 100lbs of smokeless powder for unless you are running a reloading business??

C'mon, I wouldn't support this guy in the least, he is not the kind of people that 99% of gun owners are. He is an abberation and a bad one at that.
"Trust No One", - Fox Mulder
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