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Well folks the phone calls have been made to the lawyers that I mentioned. One did tell me that he would look in to it. But Ehor refuses his assistance, there is nothing he can do. He would need his family to ask if the man is unable. My buddy promised to call his people at the NRA National Board, I'll know more tomorrow. Emails went out to the mayor, council critters, state reps, police chief, congresspeople, and reps. Tomorrow, the press will feel the weight of my wrath.

The PD is putting up a pretty good fight in the controlled media. They sated that "There was a fine dusting of black powder over the entire house and the workers had to be careful not to create too much static electricty"... Or what??? A thermo-nuclear reaction?

My favorite was one idiot, I forgot who it was or I would sure as hell put his name out there: "if one of those 20mm anti-aircraft bullet (20mm bullets??? where the hell did this learn what he's dealing comment not his) went off, well the house is right on the glide path for DM (airbase), it could have brought one of the aircraft down!" My secretary thought I had lost my mind when I started screaming at the radio for that bit of informed knowledge.

Keep on this boys and grrrls, the next poor fool passing out on the pourch maybe you!

Oh, for what it's worth. I called my uncle, (a retired FBI Assistant Director from the days when the FBI was run by J. Edgar and the rule of law was everything) and told him about this. I wanted his take on the matter. His comments were pretty simple and straight forward.

1) The police and the ambulence crew did have the right to enter the house to locate medications or other information to help them assurtain what caused his condition.

2) Upon realizing that there were "controllable or dangerous items" stored in the house, the cops should have contacted a judge for an order of protection for the items within the house. These thing should have been inventoried and a receipt issued to the victim and/or family members.

3) "Son, your cops are out of control down there".
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